1st Thing 1st…

iWise Gets All The…Hunnys…my fault was bangin that biggie for a sec. i think I’m going to start everyone of my blogs off as iWise or iSomething will see how long that last you all know i have mini a.d.d. lol. these blogs will of course be for me to vent and just flat out air it out on how i feel about whatever is going on in my day or in this insane mind of mind.

 As of right now I’m in Atlanta, GA location the AUC library aka Club Woody as they call it. Its another day of living the UN-stable life of Christian Wise which i must say is a wild one sometimes i feel i wish i could find some calmness to my life but there’s never really any type of such thing called stability in my lifetime so far. I was raised real fast and had to take on alot growing up which has made me the person i am….Great…and…Bad. I’m sure everyone wishes they could step out of there frame and just look at what they’ve done in life and where they went wrong and what they could have changed. i myself if there was anything i could take back the hands of time in my life would probably be….with me and women…AND I’M SURE THIS IS WHAT MOST OF YOU WOMEN WANNA KNOW…WHAT REALLY GOES ON IN THE MIND OF CHRISTIAN WISE AND WHY HE IS WHO HE IS AND ACTS LIKE THAT AND BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!

yea..i know i guess I’m just get it out the way on my first blog. and i guess i am…

First off growing up i was big on LOVE always wanted to be in love i know i sound pretty corny but i felt that the way my household was so unstable between my parents and there various relationships i knew i would never wanna be like them in so many ways regardless of how great they really are in other areas of them just being them. I wouldn’t be who i am without them and not really from what they taught me verbally but in there actions from business and success to the down falls and the tribulation’s that hit us hard. I always had a want for family and thought i would be married at 21 with kids and on my way with my career in football but we all cant live our fairy tales and have happily ever after endings because in these long novels called my life it may seem like the hero always has the whole entire kitchen sink thrown at him in this life pop-out book. Every and i mean every damn near 90% of the women Ive dated have always been the (i guess) the wrong type of women or as its been told to me in a deep talk session with someone who i care about very dearly with her opinion and also my best friend with what she told me…They could be right… Maybe its me… YES my standards are extremely high…maybe because where i fell I’m headed ima want a bad wifey type something like a Dieon & Pilar (sanders) and the simply fact that i wasn’t really in the lifestyle of being around quote on quote normal people from the way i grew up in the Hollywood industry.

Yes i want the world yes i have serious flaws but in order for a women to even get my attention that female will always have to hit me with the wow-factor and being that she has to WOW me to keep my attention and that’s not just with her looks it has to be her actions and whats she about. I don’t know myself but being alone and finding out is a difficult thing…I’m scared yes! SCARED of failing and settling with just anyone because then my fear will come true and me just ending up like my parents…


2 Responses to “1st Thing 1st…”

  1. hmm
    Mr. Wise.

    my comment. =D
    i shall not publish.

    let’s just keep in touch.

  2. there is a lot of things i could say right now to this blog but somethings might be irrelavent to u…but love always comes when its least expected and at strange times…been in love once before and sometimes i feel like i wont ever find it again…but god has a way of makin everything happen at the right time…
    anyways, just keep ya head up
    miss ya

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