Relaxing In LA!!!

Yea back on my soil i am i am..kinda happy to be back! Sorry I’ve been gone from my blog for a min but I’m on a soul searching mission to find something called myself. I honestly have no idea what I’m looking for wither its my faith my mind or my love. But i will find it one way or another. As you might not know i was looking to become a New Orleans Voodoo in this upcoming January season of the AFL well as of last night the football world was notified that the Voodoo are no longer gonna be a franchise in New Orleans or period but of course when there’s a will there’s a way! or when there’s ME there’s Definitely gonna be a WAY or I’m going to make one! so look to see me back in Georgia for one more season or on the west coast with a team after 3 long awaited years! I was kinda mad about it but honestly there’s nothing i can do about it so I’m just gonna keep it funky and keep it moving. As of now I’m in LA more than likely gonna be in Arizona next week to visit old friends and some others that need to be seen but just know C-Wise will be back to the ATL soon enough. Until then i got alot of Cali catching up to do! so stayed tuned with me as much as possible people.

Note: This trip is meant to be a stress release and to find myself not have as much fun as i can and get turnt up this is a mental expedition and soul search so if i dont talk to certain people its not that i dont want to i just need some personal time away from the world and un-needed hype of Christian Wise !

 😉 thanks for all the luv and support


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