Off To Arizona…MAYBE lol

Well last night went to dinner @ Cheesecake factory wit My older brother Mane & Mitsy for his B-Day been out kinda all weekend with them. But at the end of the night i was having extreme chest pains which I’ve never had before so that kinda put a nice little damper on my night and my nights rest. Tonight I’m SUPPOSED to be catching a flight to Arizona BUT how can I catch a flight with no luggage lol. My computer bag is at my best friends parents crib which isn’t hard to get…AND yes I’m on another computer not my own so i cant do all the things i wanna do with my blog right now. Also my luggage bag is at his crib but only Lord knows where the hell he is lol he dude to get a hold of! But none the less i have my ways around a situation like always 😉 so one way or another i will figure it out. Good news is that im swangin to Vegas this weekend with my brother & friends for his bday so were gonna get it in! ill HOPEFULLY have pixs of AZ & Vegas and Other Wild Stuff soon enuff so stayed Tuned as Always 😉



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