Well I Told You It Was A Maybe LOL!

STILL IN LA!!! lol

Honestly im not trippin to much had a red eye out to Arizona and of course like every lame ass airline they always overbook a flight but its all good. I could hop on a flight tonight but im not sure if i wanna do that because i have to goto Las Vegas this weekend for my brothers birthday and i dont wanna get stuck in AZ!

Not to mention this lil vacay ive been taking to get away from the stress and drama and the people that KNOW im trying to get away from it and still seem to wanna bring more bullshit to me are about to get CUT and erased out of my life and become invisible to me very easily because from now on im on a ZERO TOLERENCE policy with these people and i dont need the negative so if i do up and stop talking to you it might be a reason so you can get the hint early!!!

Also i do alot of traveling alone which isnt fun but it is what it is. but ive been thinking hard about very HARD about this relocating thing to the west coast ive thought hard about moving to arizona or las vegas or LA ive lived and grew up in these three places.

My only thing is the things & people in ATL that i love to be with and be around some more than others that i really just dont wanna lose

And thats the part thats been really really racking my brain….

with this ONE…im LOST



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