Its about almost 8pm and i thought yesterday was one of those days…

One of those days where everything you can almost remember in your entire life has happen and when and where this and that went wrong. For those who stay with this blog and for those just checking in…

this entry is about well when you feel you the only one in your own corner. when you feel your all you got when in ways you are all you got ive been to so many places and have so many friends growing up i was always the one in the mix but from the sideline i tryed to make my acting repersent me and that was through sport. Or even being the fact of who i knew and what i knew and whos in my company.

A very Wise not gonna say to old because she might go hard on me.. told me something that kinda hit home. She asked “what have you done.yet?” all these friends of yours have got there or doing major things” and that i was destine for greatness….The only thing i could say to that was pretty much nothing. And it makes me think all that i have done and was doing isnt where i NEED to be or SHOULD be at. I keep hearing from folks be patient and i am honestly but its TIME. Time to stop beign as patient and start taking what i want! And it all starts with me…

Ive been whats missing…


When i sit back and point fingers and place blame i see to many that arent even at my level catching breaks and opportunities. I still have no idea what my place in life really is… and i sit and try to conversate with God and ask what is it! what am i supposed to be doing..why?

Now its time to make my own History and put my own place in it. Christian Wise…C-Wise…Christian Peter Anthony Wise must become a household name. And the things i want i couldnt have because i wasnt ready. Women, Family, Career, Being Stable i wasnt ready for it @ all it was for me to struggle in pain &¬†slients for some many years.

Now Its Time To Stop The Pain…And Make The World My Playground As It Should!

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  1. I feel like if you have God in your life there’s not much that can be missing. I mean I know you may get lonely, like right now, or for instance you feel like no one is in your corner, but if you have God he will always be in your corner. Just look to the people that have been there from the beginning and remember if they have lasted this long, I doubt they are going anywhere. Your pretty blessed if you ask me. I hope my encouraging words help at least a little.

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