Its Jus One Of Those DAYS!!

photo-36Its jus one of those days…..when i feel everything is jus erie and is at a stand still not really worried about anything or anyone or care for about a anyones feelings and its been more and more on a daily since the clock struck 12am on NYE and i threw my hands up and said “Fuck it” in this game of life all i have is me and my career and what im after… My question has always been “Whats Love” will i know what love really is? even more so with a women…Ive felt love but has it even been enough..or has it always been jus enough and not the extra mile…has my love got the point where i can say i see myself spending the rest of my life with that… and the only love ive had to where ive felt that i could have that eternal bond with is football..and i dont know anything else that ive said that for with out it being blood. “Your still young.. your 23 goin on 24…theres so many beautiful women that come your way” but see thats the issue…they come..& cum…and then Go but never last..only thing thats lasted is football. Maybe a women cant understand how to be second place to my career weither its football, acting or modeling..but everything i build and do is for my future and with in that future i thought it would be that right hand WOman right there with me.. But until then im young & free..and not how i planned it…i was the one growing up sayin i want to be married with a family by 21.. and in this 24yr ive been single for more then 4yrs and nothing to show for it..not even something tryin to build for i see in the future as someone i can settle down and have kids with…being a ladies man is a gift n a curse so ive been told and the curse ive found out is that throught out the women and things that have come and gone at the end of the day sleeping alone or not…im stil not Happy and havent been..its jus one of those days i guess………..



2 Responses to “Its Jus One Of Those DAYS!!”

  1. God will bring you that person. Patience is key. And you’re off to a good start by just doing you. All of us big-hearted people have been there. I dig.

  2. so for some reason i decided to go on ur website and review all the new things u have put on it…and when reading this, i understand u and then again i dont…i understand not finding love and feeling like all you have is yourself and football…but what i dont understand is you saying something and now reading this seeing that you dont mean it…and the sad part about it is that im not even shocked that u feel this…u basically know what im talkin bout…but at the end of the day i realize im not hurt and u just dont care lol…

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