461343516_rekcw-l-1From Cali To A-Town That Pretty Much How It Goes Down…So It was another day in LA and i felt well i havent taken a trip for the 09 Year yet! So i think to myself well its time to crack down on going out and partying and doing everything BUT Football. And the time and time is coming till NY and im beyond ready so ready im getting restless! But why not leave the 80 to 90 degree weather of LA and goto the 30 & 40 degree weather of my second favorite city ATLANTA, GA where all my college friends and homies are @. Battle Of The Bands Weekend in The ATL is huge and the parties are to!! From Peachtree St. to Buckhead back down to the AUC the weekend was eventful and see alot of now old friends is always good to clear my mind and keeping to remain drama free…expect that one time lol…460599677_rscjw-l-1n621310178_5702711_9336Happy Birthday Hope!!


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