The Waiting Game!!

pqguqxnwhqmzdal20081121213029af210thlogomediumIt Seems like everyday is going by slower and slower to a stand still even trying to travel seems likes im not wasting enough time in getting ready for this upcoming 09 season of the AFL2. Talking to former teammates and now so to be coaches it still seems that for the brief minute of talking about it makes me hyped up until i put the phone down then 5mins later im back to boredom lol. But my time spent back home between LA & ATL is definitely a good one. Trying to get together with former teammates and hopefully they can get signed to a team. Talking trash to others that i grew up playing and training with seeing whos gonna have the better stats (of course its gonna be me). But also the everydays life of not being a superstar athlete but a athlete who is after his goals and dreams because of the one word “Opportunity”, That word is gonna forever echo in my head and always make you think the what if’s. What if i wouldnt have gone to this school, done this, done that, gone there, trusted this person, But all of those can really only be summed up to another word, “Excuses” and at this point in my life there are none…LEFT…to make. Its time to make my own path get in my driver seat in Albany, NY this year and from now on take whats mine. My Opportunity to make my own shine. And the funny thing is that ive heard & read so many things about whos favored to win this and what teams are contenders to dominate the league. Im more of a man of action, but when im stepping on that field all else will have to go through me or STOP Me…

If you can!


One Response to “The Waiting Game!!”

  1. True that CWise! Sounds like it’s gonna be an intense year.

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