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In My Minds Eye…

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I feel that everything of course happens for a reason…but will fate lead me to that reasoning that i understand so much and dream for? As this season progresses more and more i get more and more impatient im itchy so much to get back on the outdoor level. I need football like a mother needs to see her first born child after the first time of giving birth (pretty deep huh i kno!). But as i look at those around me on the grind as I am or in even worst spots when i see my own blood on a everyday battle with life it hurts me because I know where im working to get to in my career. Living a constant tug of war battle with my emotions to ask myself…..why…?….why are you playing football…why arent you doing something else that you know you can make a healthy successfully living off of without going on a uphill battle with this thing called football. Will I get my shot the one since the age of 6 that i wanted to make a reality everytime I fought to close my eyes at night to wake up and live my dream. Or will it be reality that doesnt exist in this lifetime. I never got to goto indy for my combine i never got to walk across the stage as if i graduated to the real thing called NFL. I never had a buzz of people ranting and raving about my skill or my name. But i refuse to lay down and allow so some not say that man worked and worked hard to play and maintain in the NFL. As much is telling me yes you will, on the other side its the well what if you dont factor. what final chapter will end this novel.


What A Way To Start The BYE…

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As i sit on this plane…wondering where the hell my next destination is goin to be….St.Paul?…Minnesota!? Then to Denver…THEN…to LAX…remind you I spent the night in Chicago-Ohare airport which no one but Ashia knows so if you not reading this blog (good) that shit was embrassing (not really) Just uncomfortable. I think I slept for an hour tops. No luggage, no nothin so for the people that know me already KNOW im pissed. As I look up and wonder why the hell all these planes have been over sold and they just kicked off hella people of the Swine Flu!(Wow) Im really just gonna have to say that United Airlines is thee…hold on hold on…THEE WORST AIRLINE then comes DELTA. I wonder as much as i fly i would know these dumbass instructional videos they always play as if anyone really pays attention. This has to be the worst start to a holiday weekend ive had or even trying to get home since Xmas 07 and that was horrible. On the way to Hawaii luggage gets losted then flights are canceled I sometimes wonder what type of narcotics these people really be on! At least this Chi to Minn. Trip is only an 1hr and 4mins. I Already hate the fact this is such a bumpy flight and we aint even take off yet! Times like these make me second guess traveling so much. I hope this Bye week isnt gonna end up bad as its started. On the last note I have to send out love to my Konvict Musik family and the lost of Dolla! Rest with the Angels my boi your in a better place. You knew the real definition of the word grind. R.I.P. Dolla

Review and Preview Show: Week Seven

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