Last Day On The West…..

These past few…LONG weeks in LA have been by the most relaxing productive trip in a good minute. Caught up with so many old & new friends the BET awards once again let me down as usual lol the parties & nightlife in LA once AGAIN didnt show me in anyway that i would wanna just come to LA and party. But i did get valueable rest and workout time which was the key reason of this trip and im happy and blessed for that. Today my family welcomed anothr addition first my 18yr old brother Brent brings in a beautiful boy and my first blood nephew bearing the Wise last name which is a blessing. Now my 21yr old step-brother Travon brings his first daughter into the world Arianna and i cant wait to see her! Finding out that Vegas is the AFL2’s finally destination this season is so so so beyond motivating by far! I used to live in Las Vegas when i was a senior in high school its only hours away from Los Angeles and if i could even bring my team of brothers and bring NY to Vegas would be a blessing and a great closing to my second and first real AFL season of play. Ive been bless to have a so far so good season. But I plan on doing so much more….i plan to kick in many doors…NFL doors. I keep hearing the why are you playing when you can be making so much more money acting & modeling. lol when i hear your butt should already been on television and the silver screen which is so great to hear my “real” friends in my circle tell me that and honestly feel in there heart i should be….But i dont…not as much as i have the passion and burning desire to do GIANT numbers in the NFL…I dream i believe i seek…Greatness! The memorial for MJ was a tear jerker for me and it hurt because i felt i lost a friend and in all honesty i did lose a friend of the family and it hits me more and more each day but i do know that he open so many doors for not just me but for all people of color, shape & size. He gave everyone with a dream from Obama all the way down to me a chance to dream and not only dream but Dream BIG….off to NY tomorrow…hopefully 😉 8380905_420x300_mb_art_R0


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