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Posted in Uncategorized on September 30, 2009 by cwise26

Been traveling a bit city to city and seeing so many familiar faces and meeting so many new ones at the same time. Being a free agent is nothing short of a grind i must remind you. Its not as glamourous as those think and I guess this road and path I’ve been taking on my own will remind that way. Two new leagues opening up and one thats been around long before I was born. But of course chasing the NFL dream over and over again. Getting closer and closer with every door thats been kicked in. But the million dollar question is…..Whats Next? AF1, UFL, or even head out of the country to Canada with CFL what is the next move? But of course I always have a plan and try to stay two steps ahead. But until then I’m gonna pack my bags and travel to there’s no end. 😉