Headed To The Boot! *ArenaFootballOne*

Happy Turkey Day Folkz!

Im updating so i can keep you up to date what’s going on in the offseason with the moves being made. As of now the ArenaFootballOne is looking like a go and I myself have just signed with the AF1 Bossier-Shreveport Battlewings (http://www.battlewings.com). I hope Louisiana is READY because you have no choice because im ready and excited to set if off in the bayou with my new team and make a very serious run for the rings this season. I’ll be rejoined with ALOT of my old teammates from my rookie year but this time baby boy isn’t sitting the sideline because I’m no longer a baby in this Arena Football League BIG boy moves were made last season and this is mindset coming in is one like no other. Now The question will be WHO WILL STOP C-WISE#5 the resume is known and noted and defenders better understand along with my teammate I myself will not be the only force to be reckoned with. Training is set to start when i arrive back in Los Angeles and will be between there and Arizona. But NOW is go time and the 2010 campaign has started. Fans stay tuned as you do and I so appreciate the support! Happy Thanksgiving & God Bless


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